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Fan Heater PFH03

Rs. 1,595.00 Rs. 1,163.00

Introducing a groundbreaking new design that warms room air effectively and efficiently using convection. This tiny Pringle heater is extremely easy to carry and has two heating powers: 1000 and 2000 watts. There is also the option to select cool/warm breezes or high winds. One of the characteristics is the rust-resistant, long-lasting metal construction.

Pringle OFR 9 Fin Room Heater, 2400 Watts (ISI) 5 Stage Air Settings, Multiple Temperature Control, Oil Filled with PTC Radiator Fan Room Heater with Auto Shutoff Low Power (9 Fin (2400 Watt))

Rs. 13,990.00 Rs. 7,799.00

9/ 11/ 13 Fins: With 9/11/13 fins and 2900 watts of power, the oil-filled radiator allows the heat to flow even to the farthest corners of your room. The thin fins also ensure to increase the temperature of your room within a few minutes. Autonomous Power Selector: The power selector ensures to balance the electric loads by selecting the higher...

Halogen Heater PHH01

Rs. 2,450.00 Rs. 1,718.00

Oscillation action with a wide angle to provide a warm feeling all around with children nearby, the cool touch body eliminates any concerns. This heater has three heat setting options and comes with an automatic safety switch. This 1200 W heater is extremely easy to carry and has a 12 month domestic warranty with it.

Quartz Heater 2 Rod PQH 02

Rs. 1,390.00 Rs. 1,043.00

DEVICE OF SAFETY: In the event that the heater tilts or collapses, the safety tip over switch turns it off. In the event that the heater tilts or collapses, the safety tip over switch turns it off. POSITIONS FOR HEATING There are two heating settings to choose from. FACILITY FOR STORAGE OF CORDS The power cable may be simply stored by hanging...